Full-Service Recording Studios In Milwaukee WI

National Recording music production & recording studio in Milwaukee, WI offers:

~ The most actual international record-making experience

~ Beautiful space in an 1870 historic building

~ Fine, well-maintained modern and vintage recording equipment.

~ The most (perhaps only?) interesting collection of CLASSIC & VINTAGE musical instruments and amps offered in any Milwaukee recording studio, at NO ADDITIONAL COST. You can neither rent nor buy such items in Milwaukee but National Recording offers their use at no extra charge.

We offer digital or 100% pure analog recording and mixing, or mix and match technologies as needed for your project!

All at the lowest price offered in the region by any reputable competitor.

We not only provide an excellent value for your budget, but add value to your project with our lifetime of professional musical and technical experience supporting your artistic objectives.

We have many credits (and are a Gold Record recipient) for domestic and foreign indie record labels. We have also done music for TV shows & commercials, sound libraries for software companies, sound design, foley and ADR for film.

We do
not do duplication, video, photography, promotion, or marketing, and no, we do not get not involved in getting you radio play or in selling your music because: legitimate studios do one thing, and do it to a very high standard: Music Production - including recording, mixing, and mastering.

National Recording LLC
414 372-5638

1031 W. National Avenue Milwaukee WI 53204

National Recording In Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
offering Music Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.
Forty-plus years of east / west coast & international experience,
the most exciting selection of musical instruments in the area,
and an historic 149 year-old facility make National Recording
the choice of the Milwaukee area's finest musicians.

Ampex 4-Track Close-Up
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